Traveling Gnome Pranks

These humorous (but illegal) pranks involve taking a gnome from an unsuspecting garden-owner and sending it on a trip around the world. Pictures of the gnome with famous landmarks are then taken.

This is normally done by passing the gnome and its pictures from person to person until a large collection is formed. The gnome is then returned with the pictures to the original owner.

A Garden Gnome at a Bus Stop in an Outback Desert Town
A Garden Gnome at a Bus Stop in an Outback Desert Town Photographic Print by Jason Edwards
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There have also been documented cases where the garden gnome has been returned home with a wife and children gnomes! Below is a small collection of traveling gnome stories and sites:

Fulton Sun (Fulton, MO, USA): Edgar The Roamin' Gnome Is Home

Gnomads.Net - An interesting site where you can buy a gnomad, share it with your global friends, and track it on the Gnomads website.

IOL.COM.ZA: Johannesburg Gnome Takes a Break By The Sea

Hermanus Times: Arthur Farnham Receives Missing Gnome Pictures

IOL.COM.ZA: 77yr old Arthur Farnham is Repeated Target of Travelling Gnome Prank

News24.Com: South African Garden Gnome Returns from Christmas Vacation San Diego Gnome (misidentified as an elf) sends pictures home from cross country trip - Man's Missing Gnome Attends Steelers Game

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